New mooncake Flavour Royale Osmanthus

Royale Osmanthus (SC)

Swiss Cottage Bakery
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Delivery & Collection

Mooncakes are a festive product for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, the festival falls on 29 Sep.

In anticipation of this special occasion, our mooncake delivery / collection will commence from 28 Aug 2023 onwards.


Royale Osmanthus Flavor is a delightful sensory experience that tantalizes the taste buds with its unique essence. This exquisite flavor is derived from the delicate petals of the Osmanthus flower, known for its fragrant and captivating aroma. The floral notes of Osmanthus intertwine with a subtle sweetness, creating a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and indulgent.

An tasteful baked skin, low-sugar, aromatic and oriental flavor of the Osmanthus flower.

Low Sugar, Halal-Certified Mooncake.

  • Each of our gift-boxes contains 4 mooncakes which you can mix and match from the same brand.
  • Mooncakes from different brands cannot be packaged within the same box.
  • Please indicate the combination of your mooncake flavors for each gift box.
  • Price indicated is for one mooncake

Customer Reviews

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Taste ok

My delivery got screwed up abit but they managed to rectify within the day. The Royal Osmanthus mooncake is nice but the osmanthus taste is very subtle. Would have loved it to be stronger.